Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses

Still Confused with Digitalization vs Transformation?

Being clear about the main concepts surrounding that of digitalization is no longer straightforward. The term has been so abused by so many people with so many different intentions that it has ceased to be useful for sharing ideas with each other, and shrouded in tons of dust and without substance. This article attempts to help clear up some related but different terms once and for all.

Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses

What Is and What Is Not Big Data?

It is not easy to define what Big Data is, or to draw a clear dividing line between what is “big” and “small” data. This difficulty is reflected in the number and variety of conceptualizations that can be found about Big Data in the literature. In this article we review some of the main views that can help transformational leaders to be clear about it.

Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses

How Many Types of AI Are There and What Are They For?

The term artificial intelligence (AI) was first introduced in the 1950s as a branch of computer science concerned with the automation of intelligent behavior. Since then, AI and its associated techniques have developed rapidly to the point that today not only is there still no fully accepted definition of what AI is, but there are various approaches to it.