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Insights for Transformational Leaders

FrontiersInBusinessTransformation (FiBT) has been created thinking about the needs for updated and incisive knowledge that transformational leaders have to keep their organizations ahead and make them more competitive every day.

FiBT offers insights that are the result of independent research on the most relevant academic, professional and industry sources of knowledge. The research methods used include qualitative and quantitative techniques applied to data made available from relevant sources, as well as the generation of new data from participatory research processes.

FiBT delivers independent insights that uniquely combine academic and industry rigor and is action-oriented, ready to be used by transformational leaders

FiBT covers in a comprehensive and integrated way the fundamental perspectives that every transformational leader should consider to be successful when addressing change initiatives in their organization. In this way, FiBT tries to overcome the biased vision towards technology that prevails in transformation forums, providing a multi-prism vision that offers a more realistic vision of business transformation processes.

About the Editor

Dr. Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses is a senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business of Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (Madrid, Spain), where he is Director of the Graduate Programs in Tourism Management.

His current research focuses on the study of value creation in organizations and the transformation processes arising from the impact of smart technologies and the development of a data-driven culture. Dr. Navarro-Meneses is also an active member of research groups focused on service innovation and complex social systems modeling at various research institutions.

Prior to joining the academia, Dr. Navarro-Meneses developed his professional career as an international business consultant, an industry in which he has twenty years of experience in positions of responsibility both in Big Four firms and in his own. His areas of expertise include business transformation, innovation management, and corporate strategic change. He has also been a founder and CEO of start-up companies in the technology, e-commerce, engineering, tourism, and aviation industries.