The New Leadership that Business Transformation Demands.

Business transformation is best managed when there are smart leaders who recognize the needs of the organization and are willing to guide it on the right direction. Smart leadership is a critical capability that companies must put into practice when they set out to build a data-driven culture in the organization.

Setting Up a Successful Transformation Strategy with Smart Technologies.

Companies are constantly changing, adapting their structures, resources, and objectives as they evolve to overcome the inertia that impedes change. There are different approaches when it comes to addressing business transformation with smart technologies that imply different ways of understanding the reasons, timing and opportunity to carry out the changes and that have consequences on the risks and costs of transformation.

Dynamic Capabilities- The Holy Grail of Strategic Change Management.

In today’s business environment marked by strong competition and continuous pressure for organizations to transform and not stop innovating, an endless number of new difficulties and challenges arise that transformational leaders must manage. It is crucial that transformational leaders effectively identify and develop a set of dynamic capabilities to respond to environmental changes and maintain a high level of performance.