How to Adopt Open Innovation with Agility for Business Transformation.

The complex environment in which most business organizations operate around the world has made the practices that lead to open innovation become an essential tool for any transformational leader who relies on the potential of external ideas, knowledge, and technologies to create value.

Best Agile Practices for Transformational Leaders.

Transformational leaders committed to moving towards smart, data-driven management should start thinking about how they can improve their organization's agility, which means first having a good understanding of what an agile framework is about and choosing which practices and methodologies are best suited to implement in each transformation initiative.

The Democratization of Smartness with Big Data, Analytics and AI as-a-Service.

The seamless integration of Big Data, Analytics and AI (BDAI) into solutions that meet the changing needs of business is starting to generate great business opportunities and competitive advantages for companies in all industries around the world. Through the integration and interoperability of BDAI as a service (BDAIaaS), transformational leaders will be able to transform their operations and business model and obtain significant gains in efficiency and productivity.